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HELLO EVERYONE! Your friendly admin fandomanonmod here.

Let's have a very basic rundown of what fandom_opendiscussion is all about:

fandom_opendiscussion is a community designed for people to sound off on absolutely anything fandom-related with an extremely loose set of rules to abide by. Want to troll? Totally fine. Wank? Go right ahead. Anything is goes as long as you follow two basic rules:

No shock/porn images.
Everything posted has to be fandom-related in some way.

If you can follow those two, you are completely set for fandom_opendiscussion.

Now, how to go about posting:

* Join fandom_opendiscussion as a member.
* Make a post with whatever the hell you'd like as a subject.
* ???
* Start talking!

That's it. Sure, it might be a little chaotic, but that's HALF THE FUN. If it proves to be a little more than everyone can handle, I'll change it around; for now, it's staying.

Have fun stirring up Hell!

- fandomanonmod
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So my comments on how Homestuck seemed to have an epidemic of "first fandom" members got me to thinking I could make a post about first fandom experiences here. Seems like there should be more discussion here and I'm pretty new to Dreamwidth, figured this would be a nice ice breaker for me.

Exactly as the title says! What was your first fandom? What sort of experience did you have, as embarrassing as it may be? We all have to start somewhere.

My first fandom experiences were writing mass-crossover "who would beat who in a fight" type fanfiction, in script format. I was less than 10 years old, so now I find it kind of cute. Especially that, when I think about it, now all I do is write "who would fuck who" role plays. I don't think my maturity level has increased much.
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SO, I'm a pretty big Homestuck fan. I genuinely enjoy how zany and creative the fandom is, and albeit being a bit on the strange side, I have yet to encounter any so called "obnoxious" fans that I see so many people complaining about. The fans I've come across are all extremely considerate and fun to talk to. I don't know if I'm just always in the right places or what.

Although that racial identity wank explosion last week was pretty bad. I can't rule that out.

Basically, ITT: your opinions on and/or experiences with Homestuck and its fandom.
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Specifically, RP icons. RP is a huge part of fandom, so that belongs here, right?

I hate, hate, HATE icons that are blurry, have bad aspect ratio, are badly cropped, or (and this one's just a pet peeve) aren't square.

But what I hate even more are ridiculous icons that don't even seem to belong to a character. The type you'd see on a mun's journal.

Not only are these on an RP account, the same mun has them on more than one account. For different characters.

The above icons also belong to an account with a few other... special icons. Mildly NSFW, click if you want to see: 1, 2, 3

Come to think of it, no one's used icons like this on their OOC journals since 2001, either.

And here's another example of someone who can't choose icons to save their life.

Come on. All I'm asking is that you put a little thought into your icons and don't just slap random crap up there. Have icons that are actually of your character. Is that so hard?



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